Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Serial Killers

Nov 11, 2023, 09:34 PM IST

Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Serial Killers

Moohita Kaur Garg

A Killer Instinct

Serial killers have been around for years. From John Wayne Gacy to Ted Bundy, these notorious killers have stroked both our imagination and fears. But does something as coincidental as the day they were born contribute to their taste for blood? Apparently yes.

Can Some Zodiac Signs Be More Dangerous?

If you're wondering how can anyone say one zodiac sign is more dangerous than another, there's data. As per an analysis of 485 serial murderers by Style Caster, some zodiacs are more likely to kill than others.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Dangerous?

As per the analysis, four zodiac signs top the list of serial killers.


While they are known as the motherly sign of the zodiac, this analysis found that Cancerians — born between June 22 and July 22, have a high kill rate of around 10%.  Carl Panzram is a popular Cancerian serial killer.


Pisces people, or those born between February 18 and March 20, are among the most dangerous people of the zodiac. The data found that almost 10% of serial killers, including John Wayne Gacy, belong to this sign.


People born between October 23 and November 21 also were pretty high on the list. Forty-six of the 485 serial killers were Scorpians. Charles Manson is a popular Scorpio serial killer.


People born under the Sagittarius sign are born between November 22 and December 22. This sign, which has Ted Bundy among its ranks, also had similarly high rates as the previous ones.

Least Dangerous Signs

The analysis found that Taurus and Geminis were the least dangerous signs. However, prolific serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and "Son of Sam" Sam Berkowitz are both Geminis.