[ad_1] Your ultimate guide to Taj Mahal, the 2nd most loved place in the world

Nov 6, 2023

Your ultimate guide to Taj Mahal, the 2nd most loved place in the world

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Taj Mahal most loved

Tourists can't seem to get over the beauty of Taj Mahal. One of the wonders of the world, the monument was ranked as the 2nd most loved landmark in the world by Bounce.

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Know these before visiting

If you want to visit Taj Mahal soon, here is the best guide.

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Best time

The best time o visit Taj Mahal is between October and March, when the weather is pleasant. Try to choose a sunny weekday and avoid weekends.

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Sunrise view

Visit Taj Mahal early in the morning to get the breathtaking view of the morning sun reflecting on the pristine white marbles, and catch the colours play.

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Moonlight view

Just as mesmerising is the moonlight view of the Taj Mahal, when the silver lunar light makes the marbles shine like a dream. You have to book a tour with the Archaeological Survey of India for this.

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Buying tickets

You can buy tickets from the south gate to avoid long queues. Alternatively, you can buy it online on the government's official website.

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Security and dressing

Only carry minimal items as food and large bags are not allowed inside. While there is no dress code per se, try to wear clothes that are respectful.

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Hire a guide

Hire an ASI-approved guide when you are visiting Taj Mahal to get the full experience of this gem.

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