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What not to buy on Dhanteras 2023

Nov 9, 2023 | ET Online

​Aluminium and plastic products​

Shoppers should stay away from aluminium and plastic products during Dhanteras. Instead, it is better to buy articles made of metal.

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It is advised not to buy steel on Dhanteras. Instead, you can purchase copper or bronze items.

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​Fake gold​

Gold tops the shopping list on Dhanteras. But avoid buying fake gold jewellery, coins, and other items on Dhanteras.

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Purchasing glassware or items made of glass on Dhanteras is inauspicious because glass objects are related to Rahu.

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Avoid buying iron utensils or items made of iron on Dhanteras as it is considered inauspicious.

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​Empty vessels​

On Dhanteras, people fill utensils with water or food before entering the house, as shops don't provide them.

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​Black clothes​

Buying black color things and clothes on Dhanteras festival is considered inauspicious.

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Purchasing oil or ghee on Dhanteras is considered inauspicious on Dhanteras. If someone needs any such ingredient, then they should definitely buy it a day in advance or after it.

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​Sharp objects​

People avoid purchasing sharp objects like knives and scissors. It is believed that the items bring bad luck to the family.

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Buying shoes or anything associated with Saturn/Shani is not considered auspicious on Dhanteras.

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