[ad_1] Weight loss to good heart: Benefits of turai or ridge gourd

Sep 14, 2023

Weight loss to good heart: Benefits of turai or ridge gourd

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Nutritious vegetable

Ridge gourd has high nutrition value and is rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and fibres among others.

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Why eat turai?

Here are the reasons you should consume turai or ridge gourd.

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Aids weight loss

Ridge gourd is a low calorie vegetable and has high water content, meaning that you will be full for longer periods of time. This helps prevent overeating during a weight loss regime.

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Keeps gut healthy

As turai is rich in fibre and has a high water content, it is soothing for your digestive system. The fibre promotes regular bowel movement, while water keeps the gut healthy.

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Regulates blood sugar

Turai is ideal for controlling blood sugar level due to its low glycemic index, and high fibre content that slows down the absorption of glucose.

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Protects heart

Ridge gourd has high dietary fibre content and can help lower cholesterol levels by binding to cholesterol in the digestive tract. This in turn protects the heart.

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Provides hydration

Turai or ridge gourd has 90% water content, therefore providing your body with adequate hydration. This is why it is good for summers as well.

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Strengthens vision

Ridge gourd is rich in vitamin A, which makes it ideal for a healthy vision even at an old age.

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