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Ways to control cravings if you have diabetes

Nov 1, 2023

By: ET Online

Find healthy substitutes

For optimum health, it would be beneficial to understand how to manage hunger in people with diabetes by using nutritious substitutes. All you have to do is replace junk food with something comparable in flavor but healthier.

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Drink water

This is a typical tactic used by people to stop their constant hunger. Water fills the stomach and helps the body get rid of extra hunger.

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Reduce your exposure to food triggers

Foods are easier to avoid when they aren't stored in your pantry. For this reason, you ought to keep them out of your home and place of employment.

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Determine triggers

Not all food cravings are the consequence of hunger. There can be other causes like anxiety and stress.

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Keep your diabetes in control

One of the main goals of treatment for individuals with diabetes is to minimize blood sugar swings, which is the first step towards preventing food cravings.

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Find distractions

​Consider taking a walk, talking to a friend, reading a book, and sometimes drinking water also helps. ​

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Relish with reason

It's acceptable to occasionally indulge if you can handle a moderate portion or if you're attending a particular event.

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Always fuel your body

Blood glucose levels are a major factor in appetite. Doctors urge individuals with diabetes to eat often throughout the day to prevent a drop in blood sugar levels.

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Get enough sleep

It is impossible to overstate how crucial obtaining enough sleep is for those with diabetes, obesity, or any other weight-related issue.

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