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Tom Cruise fee for Mission Impossible 7

After reviving the box office with Top Gun: Maverick (2022), Tom Cruise has returned with Mission Impossible 7

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, the seventh installment of
the MI franchise proves why Cruise is one of the highest-paid actors in the world right now

The actor also admitted to attempting his career's most dangerous stunt in Mission Impossible 7 as he drove a motorcycle off a cliff

"This is far and away the most dangerous thing I’ve attempted. I wanted to do it since I was a little kid," he said in an interview

Restrictions due to the pandemic
and Cruise's willingness to dial up the action propelled the budget of Mission Impossible 7 to $290 million
(around Rs 2,385 crore)

This is almost tens time more of what the makers had initially estimated

The actor, who has earned
around $100 million (approx Rs 822 crore) from previous MI movies, has charged $12-14 million (about
Rs 98 - 115 crore) for the 7th part

Cruise's remuneration also
includes a percentage of the box office profits, and with the actor coming on board as a co-producer, he will take home credits for that too

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