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This painting in AB's home costs Rs 4 Cr

Amongst the many exquisitely beautiful decor pieces that adorn the Bachchan house is a painting of a Bull that recently caught the internet’s attention

The painting was created
by one of the finest modern painters in India, Manjit Bawa

This bull painting hanging in
the living room of Amitabh Bachchan’s Jalsa is worth Rs 4 crore!

Tap to check out 5 expensive things that you can buy for this huge amount

Five Audi Q7 cars

An Audi Q7 is priced somewhere
between Rs 70 to Rs 80 lakhs in Mumbai. Do the math

A collection of Rolex watches

A barter against the price of the painting can afford you a good collection of Rolex and other luxury watches

A 2BHK flat in Mumbai

With Rs 4 crore in the bank, you can afford a nice 2BHK apartment in Juhu, Mumbai, close to AB’s home

Eight Kilograms of 24K Gold

Considering the average gold rate
which is around Rs 5200 per gram, you could easily buy yourself eight kilograms of 24K gold

With Rs 4 Cr in hand and iPhone 14 Pro Max priced at Rs 1,89,900, you could easily open an iPhone store

200+ iPhone 14 Pro Max
(1 TB storage)

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