[ad_1] Sunny Waghchoure, Sanjay Gujjar, Golden Guys Pune

The insane life of Pune's 'Golden Guys'

Sunny Waghchoure and Sanjay (Bunty) Gujjar from Pune call themselves the 'Golden Guys'

The duo had also entered Bigg Boss as wildcard contestants

Both Sunny and Bunty wear at
least 2.5 to three kilograms of gold jewellery on a daily basis

Their accessories include fat chains, huge rings, bracelets and more. Even their tech gadgets have gold accessories.

The duo has also given their luxury cars a gold wrap that adds shine to their collection

One of the gold cars that the Golden Guys own is a Jaguar XF which starts from Rs 50 lakh

Another car in their garage that’s gold wrapped is a top-of-the-line Audi Q7

The Golden Guys also own a Mercedes Benz E-Class which costs Rs 58 lakh

They have also added a Land Rover Range Rover Vogue to their fleet of cars which is priced at Rs 2.8 crore

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