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The best places to find love

Going by the movies, the best places to find love are often just chanced upon.

In real life though, things aren't as serendipitous. This is especially true for those living in metro cities; where meeting someone outside a screen can be a challenge

According to Psychology Today, the most common way to meet a potential love match is in a space that’s conducive to shared interests

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According to behavioural analyst Wendy L. Patrick, “love at first sight requires the ability to see”. Venture out into the outdoors where  you’ll have a chance of meeting someone

In the great outdoors

The best places to find love are those that are feeding grounds for shared interests. This could be in a bookstore, ftravel expedition and other such places of your interest

Shared interest spaces

It’s a great way to hit it off with someone who shares the same values as you, such as volunteering work, cleanliness drive, etc

Venues with values

A chance encounter in an elevator or a shared ride in a cab can be the perfect setting for striking up a conversation

Smaller spaces

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