[ad_1] Signs that your phone has been hacked

Signs that your phone has been hacked

Nov 2, 2023 | ET Online

Battery issues

Your phone battery draining normal than usual is a sign that a malware or fraudulent apps may be using malicious code that tends to drain a lot of power.

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Heating problems

If your phone is getting heated up without you even doing anything, there are chances that hackers are using your phone.

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Unusual activities

If you see any unusual posts on your Facebook, Instagram or other social media profile, chances are that your phone has been hacked.

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Are you receiving push notifications for fake virus alerts and other threatening messages? Your phone may have been compromised.

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Strange behaviour

If your phone acts strangely - apps keep crashing, unexpected rebooting and more - there could be an attack on your phone.

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If your phone has suddenly become slow and its response time has increased, there may be stealth malware in the background.

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Mobile data usage

Check whether your mobile data usage is more than normal suddenly. If so, malicious apps or software might be consuming your mobile data.

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Unidentified photos

If you notice any unidentified photos and videos in your gallery, this could be a sign that someone has control of your device and camera.

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