Shocking Revelations from Britney Spears’ Memoir

Oct 22, 2023, 02:34 PM IST

Shocking Revelations from Britney Spears’ Memoir

Pragati Awasthi

Britney Spears is again dominating the headlines, this time with the shocking claims that she has made in her anticipated memoir, The Woman in Me.

Check out all the big revelations below!

Abortion, Cheating, and a Lot More!

Britney Spears has revealed that she got pregnant with fellow musician Justin Timberlake when she was 19. However, they decided to go for an abortion since he was not ready to be a father.

VMA's Performance

Recalling one of the iconic moments of VMA's history when Britney performed with an albino Burmese python, the singer said that she thought that the snake would ''kill her''.

Public Meltdowns!

Spears has reflected on the very famous public breakdown when she shaved her head and hit a photographer's car with an umbrella. Recalling the infamous incident, Spears said she ''didn't even know how to take care of" herself.

Drinking from a Young Age

In the book, Britney revealed that she used to drink with her mom when she was in eighth grade.

Father Body-shamed Her!

Britney's life under a 13-year-long conservatorship was not easy at all. In her book, the singer said that her father body-shamed her.

A role in The Notebook!

After her bad experience with her role in Crossroads, Britney says she's glad that her role in the classic movie The Notebook didn't happen.