Protests Erupt as Japan Releases Treated Water into Ocean

Aug 26, 2023, 01:08 AM IST

Protests Erupt as Japan Releases Treated Water into Ocean

Vikrant Singh

Japan's move to release the treated radioactive water from Fukushima nuclear power plant has prompted heavy protests in China, North Korea, South Korea and Hong Kong.


China on Thursday reacted to Japan’s move of releasing the treated water by announcing a blanket ban on all aquatic products from Japan.

Protests in Japan

Japanese fishing groups also fear reputational damage as the industry remains unconvinced on Tokyo’s claims of water safety. "All we want is to be able to continue fishing," members from fishing industry said.

Protest in South Korea

South Korean authorities arrested at least 16 demonstrators who breached the Japanese embassy in Seoul. However, South Korea's government stated that its evaluation revealed no issues with the scientific and technical components of the discharge.

Protest by North Korea

North Korea's foreign ministry demanded the immediate cessation of water discharge, labeling it a "crime against humanity", as reported by state media.

Taiwan concerned

The Taiwan Atomic Energy Council (AEC) declared its intent to closely monitor the waters surrounding Taiwan during Japan's disposal of treated radioactive water from the disabled Fukushima nuclear plant.