[ad_1] New rules at India vs New Zealand semifinal match: What are they?

New rules at India vs New Zealand semifinal match: What are they?

Nov 13, 2023

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India vs New Zealand

India and New Zealand will face off in the World Cup 2023 semi-final on Wednesday at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium.

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ICC tweaks rules

In the event that the semi-final match is disrupted, the ICC has modified the game's rules in comparison to the group matches.

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Reserve day

A reserve day is available for the semi-finals and final, when an incomplete match will be carried over from the scheduled day, unlike group stage matches.

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Resuming where it started

On the Reserve Day, play shall resume at the point where the last ball was played on the scheduled day and will have the same timings as the original day.

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The side that placed higher in the league stage will advance to the final if the semi-final match is called off and there is no outcome by the end of the reserve day.

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India's chance

This means India which has been unbeaten in group matches gets the edge in case there is no result even after the reserve day.

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Extra minutes

In addition, semi-finals and final have got 120 minutes of extra time for the completion of match on the scheduled day vs 60 minutes for normal group match.

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If a semi-final is tied, there will be a super-over to determine which team progresses to the final.

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