[ad_1] Nepal's deadly earthquakes since 2015

Nepal's deadly earthquakes since 2015

Nov 4, 2023 | ET Online

​Tragic Nepal quake​

On Friday, Nepal experienced a devastating earthquake, with 128 fatalities and numerous injuries, sparking fears of a rising death toll.

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​Nepal's seismic history​

Nestled between China and India, Nepal frequently endures earthquakes, with the deadliest occurring in 2015, claiming 9,000 lives and causing extensive damage.

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​Nov 3, 2023​

A powerful earthquake struck Jajarkot, Nepal, causing 128 deaths and numerous injuries, while its tremors reached India's capital, New Delhi.

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​Oct 3, 2023​

Western Nepal was hit by two earthquakes (6.3 and 5.3), injuring 17 people, damaging homes, and triggering a landslide that blocked a major highway in Bajhang.

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​Jan 24, 2023​

A remote Nepalese district experienced a magnitude 5.6 earthquake, resulting in one fatality and damage to over two dozen houses, with tremors felt as far as New Delhi.

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​Nov 12, 2022​

A magnitude 5.4 earthquake shook Nepal and neighboring India, affecting houses in the Himalayan region.

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​Nov 9, 2022​

An earthquake in western Nepal claimed the lives of at least six villagers, including four children, and demolished mud and brick houses in remote Himalayan communities.

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​Sept 16, 2020​

A magnitude 6 earthquake struck Nepal, with tremors reaching the capital, Kathmandu.

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​April and May 2015​

Nepal's 2015 quake, magnitude 7.8, and a subsequent tremor 17 days later, claimed 9,000 lives. In 1934, another deadly quake killed 8,500 in Nepal, with additional casualties in India.

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