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Mukesh Ambani lost 15kg with this diet

The Chairman and Managing director of Reliance Industries Ltd, Mukesh Ambani is quite aware when it comes to his health, and rightly so

The 66-year-old billionaire lost over 15 kilos of weight without any rigorous exercise

Tap to check out the simple and healthy diet that helped billionaire Mukesh Ambani lose 15 kgs without any workout

A healthy start to the day

Ambani wakes up around 5.30 AM and starts his day with a light breakfast that includes a glass of papaya juice, some fresh fruits and idli-sambhar

After his first meal, he does meditation and yoga to begin his day on a healthy note

No junk food and alcohol

Mukesh Ambani follows a strict vegetarian diet and stays away from alcohol

Simple food habits

Ambani's diet includes salads, soups, dal, rice, and sabzi cooked in a traditional Gujarati way

A healthy lifestyle

Along with yoga, meditation and a vegetarian diet, Ambani also includes brisk walking in his daily routine to keep himself fit

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