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Most expensive Indian TV show ever

From high-definition cameras to advanced post-production techniques, Indian TV shows have been spending crores of rupees to have it all

Historical dramas, in particular, are made on a massive budget

Porus, an Indian television show based on the Battle of the Hydaspes, also known as Battle of Jhelum is the most expensive Indian show

It is India's costliest television production costing Rs 500 crore

Aired from 2017-18 on Sony Entertainment Television, the epic historical series has 249 episodes

The substantial expense was primarily attributed to the extensive use of visual effects, the grand battle scenes, and extravagant sets

Parts of the show were shot on an island in Thailand

Chirag Jani, who played Dasyu King in Porus, told TOI in an interview that the sets of the show were built over water

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