[ad_1] Money saving tips for students living away from home

Oct 30, 2023

Money saving tips for students living away from home

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Make a budget

Sit and make a budget for yourself and check how much exactly you need to spend every month.

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Set goals

Set your savings goals for the end of the month so that you have sufficient fund in emergency situation.

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Cook for yourself

Instead of spending a ton of money on eating outside, learn to cook for yourself. This is healthy and save a huge amount of money.

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Use student discounts

Many airline and other companies give student discounts. Make good use of them.

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Buy second-hand goods

Second hand goods, whether they are books, furniture or clothes, are a blessing in disguise and you can find awesome deals more often than not.

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Take public transport

Do not go for app cabs and instead travel by buses, trains or other public transport for your commute.

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Plan your meals

By planning your meals in advance, you can get a good estimate of how much your ingredients will cost

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Eat before shopping

If you go for grocery or essential shopping on an empty stomach, there are good chances that you will be tempted to eat out. This will make you spend more money.

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