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Mir Osman
Ali Khan, the richest Nizam

In 1937, Mir Osman Ali Khan was on the cover of TIME magazine. It called the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad the “richest man on the planet”

His net worth in the early ‘40s was approximately $236 billion (approx
Rs 18 lakh 68 thousand Crores)

The Nizam used the rare Jacob diamond — a 185-carat lime-sized gem, which values at Rs 1000 crores — as a paperweight

His garage was a motorhead’s paradise, with (at least) 50 Rolls-Royce cars, including the highly coveted Silver Ghost Throne Car

Long before the diamond mines of Brazil and South Africa, the Golconda Diamond Mines were already functioning as a crucial source of wealth for the Nizams of Hyderabad

Mir Osman Ali Khan’s gold and jewels contributed $2933537733 (approx 23 thousand 95 hundred crores) to his net worth (as of 2019)

The 173 jewels sold to the Indian government reportedly included 2,000 carats of emeralds and 40,000 chows of pearls

The seventh Nizam used his significant net worth to build a spate of public institutions for the people of Hyderabad

He passed away on 24 February 1967 and was buried at the Masjid-e Judi the next day

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