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Meet the world’s richest actor

Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, and Shah Rukh Khan — all these actors are immensely rich and enjoy a massive fan following all over the globe

However, there's one star who isn't as popular as these celebs but is way ahead of them in terms of wealth

Tap to check out the richest actor in the world who has a net worth of over Rs 8200 Crore, and its not Tom Cruise or Shah Rukh Khan

Tyler Perry emerged as the top name on Forbes' list of highest-paid men in entertainment in 2011 and has reportedly climbed the ladder once again

According to a recent Forbes report, Perry has a net worth of $1 billion (approximately Rs 8,267 crore)

The main source of income

Perry had full ownership of the comedy family drama House of Payne, and he pocketed approx Rs 1140 crore from the deal that propelled him to the list of richest actor

A lucrative deal
with Paramount Global

He signed a deal with them
that alone gives him approx
Rs 1,240 crore annually

In addition to his annual takeaway,
he also received a 25% equity stake in BET+, which is estimated to be around Rs 495 crore

Production House

Tyler Perry also owns a production house (Tyler Perry Studios) in Atlanta, which spreads over 330 acres and is valued at around Rs 2300 crore

Other sources of income

Perry owns 100% of the content he's created over the years, i.e. 22 movies, two dozen stage plays, and nearly 1,200 television episodes and earns proceeds from these projects

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