[ad_1] Meet Lin Laisharam: The woman marrying Randeep Hooda this November
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Meet Lin Laisharam: The woman marrying Randeep Hooda this November

Nov 6, 2023

​Bollywood Wedding​

In November, Bollywood star Randeep Hooda, 47, will marry his longtime girlfriend Lin Laisharam in Mumbai.

Image Source: instagram-randeep-hooda

​Secretive Ceremony​

Their wedding is shrouded in secrecy, with close friends and family expected. Randeep, a private person, may announce it post-ceremony.

Image Source: instagram-lin-laisharam

​Who is Lin Laisharam?​

Randeep Hooda's partner, Lin Laisharam, is a model, actress, and businesswoman hailing from Manipur.

Image Source: instagram-lin-laisharam

​Age Difference​

Lin Laisharam is reportedly a decade younger than Hooda.

Image Source: instagram-randeep-hooda

​Recent Role​

Recently, she appeared in "Jaane Jaan," starring Kareena Kapoor and Jaideep Ahlawat, as Prema, Kareena's co-worker.

Image Source: instagram-lin-laisharam

​Debut Film​

Lin's Bollywood journey began with "Mary Kom," where she portrayed Mary Kom's friend, although she auditioned for the lead role.

Image Source: instagram-lin-laisharam

​Notable Works​

Lin's notable works include films like "Axone," "Modern Love: Mumbai," "Rangoon," and "Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola."

Image Source: instagram-lin-laisharam

​Relationship Confirmation​

Randeep Hooda made his relationship with Lin more public in 2022, sharing Diwali photos of the two holding Diyas.

Image Source: instagram-lin-laisharam

​Education & Theatre​

Lin Laisharam's educational background includes studying at New York Stella Adler in the Art of Acting School and performing in Bombay's renowned theaters.

Image Source: instagram-lin-laisharam

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