[ad_1] How to keep your skin hyderated in winters?

How to keep your skin hyderated in winters?

Oct 30, 2023

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Use sunscreen every day

It may be tempting to skip applying sunscreen in the morning due to the shorter days and reduced sunshine during the winter, but don't do so. Harmful UV rays can still strain your skin's moisture barrier in the winter, which is important for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

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Pile up warm clothes

Wearing the appropriate clothing will protect your skin from the dry, dehydrating winter air as well as avoid those irksome cuts and cracks that we all encounter in the cold. Wearing warm clothing can also prevent your skin from losing water.

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Install a humidifier

In the winter, when interior heating is turned up, humidifiers can be extremely useful in replenishing the moisture in the air.

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​​Use treatments overnight​

A great approach to prevent or restore dry skin is with overnight treatments. Emollients work wonders for hydration. But because they're a thicker kind of cream, it can take longer for your skin to absorb them.

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Be hydrated

​Having enough water in the system helps to keep our skin hydrated, which over time reduces the formation of fine wrinkles.​

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Avoid using excessively hot water

This one is challenging, but it is absolutely required to avoid dry, itchy skin. Showers should not be too hot, and damp skin should be moisturized with a rich, intensive moisturizer.

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​​Modify your skin care regimen​

You might want to think about streamlining your skin care regimen temporarily if the dry winter air is making your face's skin appear particularly sensitive or irritated.

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