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How to get rid of dark lips

Nov 12, 2023


Ingredients in pomegranate extract help brighten hyperpigmented regions of the skin. Use one tablespoon of chopped pomegranate seeds, one teaspoon of rose water, and one tablespoon of milk cream to make this approach.

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Aloe vera

Every day, dab your lips with a thin layer of fresh aloe vera gel. Use warm water to rinse your lips once the gel has dried.

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Cucumber juice

Blend half of a cucumber, strain out the solids, and refrigerate the juice. Gently dab a cotton ball with the juice and press it against your lips.

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Apply the paste to your lips with a moistened fingertip. After letting it sit for roughly five minutes, carefully rinse it off with cool water. Apply your preferred moisturizer to your lips when they have dried.

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Cut a lemon in halves and spread the juice gently over your lips each night before bed. Rinse your lips with cool water in the morning.

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Almond powder should be slightly combined with 1 tablespoon of fresh milk cream to create a paste. After evenly applying the whole mixture to your lips and letting it sit for around five minutes, wash your lips with warm water.

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Coconut oil

Apply a tiny bit of coconut oil evenly and softly on your lips with your fingertip. This is something you may perform several times during the day and right before bed.

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Rose water

Two drops of rose water and six drops of honey should be combined. Apply three to four times a day on your lips with this mixture. This mixture can also be applied at night before bed.

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