[ad_1] Houseplants that can make your home a tropical paradise
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Houseplants that can make your home a tropical paradise

Oct 28, 2023


A favourite with interior designers, monstera is the perfect addition for your home if you want to make it look like a beach house.

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Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is one of the most popular tropical houseplants because of its distinctive flowers that resembles a bird’s head and beak.

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Elephant Ear

This plant resembles elephant ears with its large, arrow-shaped leaves with silver stripes.

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The bright and beautiful leaves of this plant makes your room look tropical.

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The bright-coloured leaves of bromeliads are great if you want an accent to your home.

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Ficus can be a little bit difficult to maintain but are perfect if you want your home to have that tropical look forever.

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Perfect for beginners and busy people, philodendrons have bright glossy leaves that give out beachy vibes.

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Orchids are one of the most beautiful tropical houseplants and can make your home look bright and colourful.

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