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K-drama actress right now

If you watch K Dramas, you may have at some point wondered who the highest-paid K-drama actress is

It’s not Crash Landing on You star Son Ye Jin, Doona! star Bae Suzy, Hotel del Luna star IU, or Moving star Han Hyo Joo

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K-drama actress right now

The highest-paid K-drama actress right now is Song Hye Kyo

The Descendants of the Sun star
takes home a staggering fee of ₩200 million (approximately Rs 1.2 crore per K-drama episode)

Reportedly, this was the fee she earned for each episode of the hit Netflix series The Glory

Song Hye Kyo’s estimated net worth
is between $20-31 million (approximately between Rs 166 crore and Rs 257.62 crore)

The Encounter star purchased a lavish building in Seoul in 2021 for the hefty price of ₩19.5 billion (approximately Rs 119.96 crore or $17.5 million)

The actress reportedly also owns a plush apartment worth $1.8 million (approximately Rs 14.957 crore)
in New York

Song Hye Kyo is also a mother to two pet dogs - Ruby and Ogu - of the expensive Bichon Frisé breed

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