[ad_1] Healthy ways to lose belly fat naturally

Healthy ways to lose belly fat naturally

Reduce carbs

Carbs are your biggest enemies when trying to lose belly fat. Have a little of it to balance it out, but do not go all out.

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Be active

Sedentary lifestyle is the number one reason of accumulating belly fat in your body. Get some exercise to stay in shape.

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Have more fibres

To reduce belly fat, your gut needs to be healthy. Fibres are the best friends of your digestive system to cleanse your gut and have a healthy digestion.

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Calcium and vitamin D

Studies suggest calcium and vitamin D may be useful in our mission to reduce visceral adiposity. They are said to help with metabolism.

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People who eat more protein have lower visceral fat levels, research shows. Add more lean protein to your diet.

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Eating 'window'

Choosing when to eat also has an effect on your belly fat. You can try intermittent fasting and choose a specific time to eat.

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Sleeping is important for so many things, including reducing belly fat. Six to eight hours of sleep is required for your body to function properly.

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Don't stress

The stress hormone cortisol increases belly fat storage especially in women. So, manage your stress to trim your waistline.

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