Healthy Gujarati Snacks for Weight Loss 

Oct 23, 2023, 04:15 PM IST

Healthy Gujarati Snacks for Weight Loss 


Gujarati cuisine often incorporates nutritious ingredients like gram flour and employs healthy cooking methods like steaming. These snacks are not only delicious but also ideal for those aiming to shed some pounds. 


Packed with protein, fibre, and essential nutrients, Dhokla offers various health benefits. It supports digestion, promotes heart health, and aids in weight loss due to its low-calorie content. 


Khandvi, a fermented, nutritious gram flour cake, is a wholesome snack that won’t contribute to weight gain. The inclusion of curd in this fermented dish is beneficial for the digestive system, aiding in the regeneration of damaged gut tissue. 


Colocasia leaves used in Patra are known to lower cholesterol levels and keep blood pressure in control due to their potassium content. With a low-calorie count, it’s a smart choice for weight watchers and diabetics.


Made from moong dal, mixed vegetables, healthy fats, and Indian spices, Handvo is rich in folate (vitamin B9), which supports the production and maintenance of new cells, particularly red blood cells.

 Cucumber Chilla

This rice flour pancake, infused with cucumber and spinach in the form of ‘thalipeeth’, is a light and nutritious recipe. It’s gentle on the digestive system and offers a range of health benefits. 


A favourite in weight-loss programmes, Dabeli is a healthier alternative to burgers, especially for those who love potato recipes. This snack provides a satisfying and flavourful option without compromising health.