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Nov 2, 2023

Health benefits of ragi

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Helps to keep a check on diabetes

​Ragi helps in diabetes management. It has a high dietary fiber content, which helps control blood sugar levels. ​

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Rich in protein

It is the ideal method to fulfill your everyday cravings. Also, it is quite tasty and adaptable, allowing you to make several healthy dishes.

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Good fibre

Ragi is one of the ideal food to maintain good health of your digestive system. It has a lot of dietary fibre. Because of this it helps in encouraging healthy metablism and digestion.

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Good for skin

Ragi contains vitamin E, which is excellent for skin health. It refreshes skin cells, giving you a youthful, healthy appearance.

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​Helps in hair growth​

Ragi is a nutritional powerhouse for strong, healthy hair. Iron and zinc two essential minerals for preventing hair loss and it helps in hair growth.

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Helps in weight loss

It converts blood sugar into insulin and lowers blood sugar levels in the body. Ragi is best to consume in the morning as a breakfast option.

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It is good for digestion

You can enjoy a variety of ragi meals and live a healthy life. This nutritious cereal, which can be used to make ragi balls or dosas, will keep you energized and healthy all day.

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Prevents cancer

Because ragi includes fiber and phytonutrients that lower the risk of colon cancer, it is well known to help prevent cancer.

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Ragi contains an abundance of calcium

No grain can match the amount of calcium found in ragi. Human bones require calcium to grow and to avoid osteoporosis, which causes bones to deteriorate and become brittle.

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