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Health benefits of green tea before bed

Is it good to brew yourself a cup of green tea right before bedtime? Is that the ideal hour? Turns out it is

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It helps with weight loss

The reason for this is that it increases your metabolic rate, and some research suggests up to as much as 4%

Green tea is said to have thermogenic properties, which promote fat-burning beyond caffeine

It actually promotes
better sleep

Theanine in green tea is a sleep-promoting compound that reduces stress-related hormones and neuron excitement in your brain– making it relaxed and calm

It lowers your risk of cancer

Several studies have linked the consumption of green tea in general to the lowering of the pancreas, colon, prostate, bladder, breast, stomach, and liver cancer

Improves brain function and helps prevent brain aging

Green tea contains caffeine (but not as much as coffee) which is a known brain stimulant.

Additionally, Theanine in green tea has the additional benefit of increasing the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, (which battles anxiety)

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