Halloween Makeup Ideas

Oct 29, 2023, 04:58 PM IST

 Halloween Makeup Ideas


Vampire Look

Create a pale face with a touch of white face paint and dark dramatic eye makeup with deep red or black eyeshadow for a spooky yet edgy look 


Create a base of grey or green face paint for a lifeless complexion and add dark circles around the eyes for an accentuated hollow look. Also, use fake blood to create wounds and drips for a freshly risen zombie appearance. 


Go for shimmery, iridescent colours for eyeshadow and scales. Use fishnet stockings to create scale patterns on your face and body. Layer seashell and pearl accessories for a horrified look. 

Dia de los Muertos (Sugar Skull)

Paint your face white and add intricate designs like floral patterns around the eyes and forehead. Draw a black line on the nose and mouth to resemble a sugar skull. 


Paint your face pale for a witchy appearance. Put dramatic, dark eyeshadow on eyes and draw long and arched eyebrows. Finish with a dark lip colour and a witch’s mole. 

Creepy Doll

Put eyeliner and long lashes for a horrific look, and add blood stains for more drama. You can also draw rosy cheeks and a small, doll-like mouth for a more realistic look.