Halloween 2023: 8 Sitcom Episodes To Watch For A Spooky & Fun Night

Oct 26, 2023, 11:20 AM IST

Halloween 2023: 8 Sitcom Episodes To Watch For A Spooky & Fun Night

Trisha Pathak

Halloween (Brooklyn 99)

All Halloween heist episodes from Brooklyn 99 are great. However, the fifth instalment remains the best, as it has double-crossing, topical references, and spooky vibes. 

The One With The Halloween Party (Friends) 

Chandler as a giant pink bunny, Ross as Spudnik, Phoebe as Super Girl, and Monica as Catwoman were a perfect chaotic mix for a Halloween episode. Not to forget, Joey came as Chandler. 

Halloween (The Office) 

The Office has some great Halloween episodes. But the sheer uncomfortable tension in their first season stays on the top, as the real-life horror of decision-making scares two-headed Michael. 

Meet ’n’ Greet (Parks and Rec) 

April and Andy’s Halloween party episode is one of the most entertaining Halloween stories of all time. It’s a great combo of chaos and silly scares.

The Slutty Pumpkin (How I Met Your Mother) 

This episode features a pivotal point in Ted’s journey to love. Like always, he dedicates his Halloween to finding the love of his life. 

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The Holographic Excitation (The Big Bang Theory) 

Although this sitcom has only four Halloween episodes, they are fun to watch. It features a Howard-centric storyline, and Penny admits that she finds Leonard’s scientific prowess attractive. 

Halloween (Modern Family) 

Claire’s enthusiasm for Halloween in this episode is contagious. It’s a hilarious struggle to watch the Prichett clan battle against her spooky plans. 

Sal’s Dead (Superstore)

Shoppers find a dead body at the store on Halloween. Meanwhile, Amy and Garett land in trouble for using Jonah’s phone to access a dating app.