[ad_1] Guidelines on looking after yourself in this polluted Delhi NCR

Nov 4, 2023

BY: ET Online

Guidelines on looking after yourself in this polluted Delhi NCR

​​Avoid burning rubbish or wood​

In many parts of the country, burning rubbish and firewood is one of the main sources of particulate pollution.

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​​Exercise indoors when there is a lot of pollution​

Move your exercise indoors when the weather is bad, such as going for a walk around a mall or joining a gym. If the air quality is poor, restrict the amount of time your youngster spends playing outside.

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Combine travels

Instead of driving your car, take the buses, subways, light rail systems, commuter trains, or any other available option.

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Wear a mask

These days, wearing a face mask is essential to protecting yourself from pollutants. The best defense against hazardous gases entering the respiratory system and causing harm is to wear a mask when going outside.

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Need to grow air-purifying plants indoors

People have started donning masks to protect themselves due to the high levels of pollution in Delhi NCR, however this is insufficient. Since Diwali, the air quality index has drastically declined; still, masks do not offer clean air to breathe.

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Consume nutritious foods

Given the increasing levels of pollution in Delhi, it's critical that you maintain your internal health and fitness. Eating a healthy diet is advised because high air pollution levels can have a negative influence on health and cause a variety of health disorders.

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Have a steam bath

Regular steam bathing helps your body rid itself of approximately 40% of waste and pollutants, making it the most effective technique to combat pollution in Delhi. The steam room's up to 100% humidity produces ideal breathing conditions.

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Reduce the energy you use at home

Air pollution is a result of the production of electricity and other energy sources. You can enhance air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy independence, and save money by using less energy.

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