[ad_1] Foods to build bone density post 50s

Foods to build bone density post 50s

Oct 31, 2023

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​Beans of all varieties such as kidney, pinto, black are a great source of nutrients that help develop strong bones, such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. ​

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Dairly products

Dairy products including milk, curd, cheese are one of the best sources when it comes to increase bone density because they are rich in calcium.

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Dried figs

You can add figs to smoothies or top it on your oatmeal. They also taste great on pizza topping or combined with cheese.

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Fatty fish

Even though a diet alone probably won't provide you enough vitamin D, fatty fish like salmon, and tuna do supply some of the vitamins.

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In addition to their calcium content, nuts provide two additional important elements for healthy bones which are magnesium and phosphorous.

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Orange juice

Though boxed juice is an excellent substitute, a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice may not include enough calcium to cover a portion of the daily demands.​

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​Omega-3 fatty acid, a subtype that may lower cholestrol, reduce inflammation in the body, and maintain the health of your brain and nervous system, are also found in seeds. ​

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Soya products

​Soy-based foods are excellent dietary choice for strengthening bones. Tofy, soy milk, soybeans are some of the examples. ​

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Protein, calcium, vitamins, and other elements are there in spinach. Together, they strengthen your bones.

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