Five Natural Wonders You May Haven’t Heard Of

Nov 7, 2023, 08:58 AM IST

Five Natural Wonders You May Haven’t Heard Of

Manas Joshi

Nature continues to mesmerise us in a million ways. Here’s a short list of places to visit if you are a nature lover and a traveller.

Chocolate Hills 

It’s a geological formation in the Philippines. The unique colour gives them the interesting name.

Zhangjiajie National Park

This national park in China has huge, vertical sandstone pillars that look straight out of a story.

Salar De Uyuni

This surreal place is in Bolivia. When it rains, the ground ‘turns into a mirror’. 

The Wave

It is a sandstone formation in Arizona, USA. The undulating forms are a photographer’s paradise.

Iguazu Falls 

This is the most extensive waterfall system in the world. It’s located on Argentina-Brazil border.