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Dry dating -
the newest dating trend

Dry dating involves a dating experience that doesn’t involve alcohol

Two people go out for a date but choose to stay sober so as to focus more on the conversation and better assess compatibility with the other person

As per Bumble’s dating trends for 2023 study, 45% of Indians said they choose not to drink on dates to get to know the other person better

56% of the respondents felt they wanted to get to know a prospective partner without any distractions such as alcohol

With a fitness revolution taking place globally, more and more people are reassessing their relationship with junk food, cigarettes and alcohol

If you’ve decided to give dry dating a shot, make sure to inform your date of your plans

Instead of meeting them
at a bar, you could catch up over
a cup of coffee or a meal

Or turn the scene around completely
and go to a museum, art exhibition and/or stand-up show. You could even take a workout class together or check out a food festival

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