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Oct 31, 2023

BY: ET Online

Delicious and comforting soups for this winter season

Almond and mushroom soup

We can fully benefit from the warming quality of almonds in the cold. Add some almonds and mushrooms to this delicious soup, then boost it with additional milk and cream.

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Beetroot soup

Beetroot, especially the winter variety known as "chakundar," is best used in a delicious soup. ​

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Corn and cauliflower soup

Cauliflower and corn go well together. Both of these veggies are combined with cashew nut paste, onion, and garlic in this soup, which is seasoned with black pepper powder to create a delicious winter meal.

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French pea soup

Add onions to sautéed peas, bring to a boil, blend into a puree, and serve warm with a scoop of cream.

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Manchow soup

This soup dish is tasty and satisfying, using a ton of veggies and noodles. You can serve it with noodles or without. Deep-frying the noodles brings out their greatest flavor.

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Mutton soup

This will be very enjoyable in the cold. Mutton slices and eggs are used to make this soup, which is a staple of South Indian cuisine.

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Onion thyme soup

Thyme is the primary component in the soup and is used to lower cholesterol. This soup is made with a large amount of vegetables, particularly spring onions, which enhance the soup's flavor, color.

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Sweet corn soup

Sweet corn soup, an authentic Chinese soup, is a global favorite. Sweet corn, vegetable stock, and spring onions are the ingredients for this very popular soup.

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