[ad_1] Delhi Air Pollution: Odd-Even returns, schools shut; WFH next?

Nov 6, 2023

Delhi Air Pollution: Odd-Even returns, schools shut; WFH next?

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​Smog Alert Concerns​

Amid ongoing Delhi smog woes, CAQM triggers Stage-IV GRAP alert, implementing strict measures from Nov 5, prompting inquiries on permissible actions.


Odd-Even Return

To tackle pollution, Delhi reintroduces the Odd-Even plan from Nov 13-20 as the city struggles for clean air.


School Closures

In Delhi, schools will close, except for Classes 10 and 12, until Nov 10 due to worsening air quality; Class 5 and below already suspended.


​Truck Restrictions​

Delhi enforces strict controls on incoming trucks, allowing exceptions solely for those carrying essential goods, LNG, CNG, and electric vehicles.


​LCV Ban Exceptions​

Non-Delhi-registered LCVs banned, except for EVs, CNG, and BS-VI diesel vehicles.


​Construction Suspension​

Construction on public projects, like roads and power transmission, is halted.


​Office Capacity Limits​

Public, municipal, and private offices must function at 50% capacity, promoting remote work.



Central government considers work from home due to the pollution crisis.


​Vulnerable Groups' Safety​

CAQM advises vulnerable groups, like children, the elderly, and those with health conditions, to stay indoors to protect their health during this severe air pollution crisis.


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