Deepika Padukone’s Best Cameo Performances 

Sep 14, 2023, 04:54 PM IST

Deepika Padukone’s Best Cameo Performances 

Pragati Awasthi

Deepika Padukone’s cameo performance in Jawan is what everyone is talking about, and this is the time to look back at her special appearances in films over the years. 


In Jawan, Padukone played the role of Aishwarya and emerged as a crucial part of the film. 

Billu Barber 

In Shah Rukh Khan’s film, Deepika appeared as Sahir Khan’s heroine in “Love Mera Hit Hit” song. 


Deepika danced with all her energy alongside her husband and actor Ranveer Singh in the song “Current Laga Re”. 


In the limited screen time, Padukone made her performance count as Kapil Dev’s wife, Romi Bhatia. 

Dum Maro Dum

With her scintillating moves, Deepika made her performance and the song “Dum Maaro Dum” iconic. 


In Brahmastra Part One: Shiva, Deepika played the role of Amrita, Shiva’s mother. 


In Shah Rukh Khan’s 2018 film, Deepika had a special screen appearance as herself.