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Oct 31, 2023

BY: ET Online

Best plants to keep in your workplace

Aloe plant

Aloe plants are simple to cultivate if they have access to one vital resource: an abundance of strong sunshine. Among the greatest plants for a sunny office window sill is this one.

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Because they rarely need to be replanted and don't require pruning, cacti make excellent office companions. The only drawback is that they need a sunny area to flourish.

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Coffee plant

Yes, you should have a low-maintenance houseplant at your workspace that comes from the same plant that produces your coffee beans.

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English Ivy

English ivy makes stunning workplace décor for homes. The vines can reach a maximum length of 10 feet and can even encircle your area if given the right conditions.

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Jade plant

The sturdy, woody stems and smooth, oval-shaped leaves thrive in indirect to bright light, needing water only when the soil is fully dry.

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Lucky bamboo

When the stems of lucky bamboo are submerged in water, they can grow without soil and thrive in low light conditions.

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Money plant

The money tree, one of the best feng shui plants, is said to provide prosperity, good fortune, and positive energy on its plant parents. This well-known houseplant has to be watered around once a week and does best in bright, indirect sunlight.

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Snake plant

This hardy plant grows without a lot of water or sunlight. A tiny plant actually only needs watering every two to three weeks.

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Spider plant

Spider plants don't need a lot of maintenance. They do best in areas with indirect light and a warm, humid office; however, keep them away from air conditioning vents.

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