[ad_1] Benefits of keeping a Snake Plant at home

Benefits of keeping a Snake Plant at home

Sep 12, 2023 | ET Online

Filters indoor air

Snake plant is a great succulent for bedrooms as it filters indoor air and can help regulate healthy airflow.

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Removes toxins

Snake plant removes toxic pollutants like CO2, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene and toluene - which cause a lot of diseases.

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Low maintenance

The snake plant has grown so popular among houseplants because its easy to care for. It does not need much water or sunlight, and can thrive in extreme conditions with minimum care.

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Snake plants can help lessen the impact of airborne allergens like dust by releasing oxygen and moisture into the air.

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Symbol of good luck

As per Feng Shui, snake plants are believed to absorb negative energies and eliminate bitterness and jealousy.

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Absorbs CO2 at night

While snake plants filter the air in your room, they also absorb carbon dioxide in the night - an ability that only few plants possess.

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Easy to propagate

It is very easy to grow all types of snake plants. You can grow them from leaves by potting them or keeping the leaf in water.

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Home décor

Spruce up your home by adding a snake plant to your desk, bedroom, or anywhere you think is suitable.

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