Bad Habits That Stop You From Losing Weight

Oct 23, 2023, 04:30 PM IST

Bad Habits That Stop You From Losing Weight

Vaishali Mandloi

If you are someone who is struggling with weight loss goals despite doing a workout and exercise, this is the right place for you. Here we have rounded up some common bad habits that are stopping you from losing weight.

Emotional Eating

When we feel sad, stressed, angry, lonely or frustrated, we turn to food to fill that emotional void and we often end up over-eating a variety of unhealthy food.

Counting Calories

Yes, calories are indeed the key to weight loss. However, some foods that may be higher in calories per serving are healthier for you than foods that may be lower in calories. So, while tracking your calories, don't forget to look at other key nutrients like protein and healthy fats.

Eating Too Quickly

Eating too quickly can often lead to overeating and weight gain because it can often take 20 minutes for the brain to realise you are full. So if you eat quickly in 5 minutes, you still feel hungry and end up eating more. Slow down the pace at which you eat.


Snacks may feel like a light bite but these extra bites tend to add up pretty quickly, and soon enough you can add hundreds of extra calories a day to your diet. So, try to stay on track by reaching for healthier and more nutritious foods.

Eating Fast Food

Fast food is one of the worst things to have when it comes to weight loss. There is nothing that comes from fast food if you are trying to lose weight. So, one must exclude them.