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Ajay Devgn & others' fee for Drishyam 2

Ajay Devgn to Tabu, check out how many crores the actors took home for their roles in the crime thriller Drishyam 2


The popular actresses pocketed Rs 3.5 crore for reprising the role of Meera Deshmukh - former Inspector General of Police in the film

Akshaye Khanna

The actor is the new addition to the cast and for his role he charged a hefty fee of Rs 2.5 crore

Shriya Saran

She earned Rs 2 crore to play Vijay Salgaonkar's wife and Anju-Anu's mother in the crime thriller

Ishita Dutta

Dutta charged Rs 1.2 crore for her role in the Abhishek Pathak directorial

Rajat Kapoor

The actor charged Rs 1 crore to
play Mahesh Deshmukh - Meera Deshmukh’s husband

Mrunal Jadhav

She played Anu Salgaonkar - Vijay and Nandini Salgaonkar's young daughter and earned Rs 50 lakhs

Ajay Devgn

Playing the lead role of
Vijay Salgaonkar in Drishyam 2,
he took home a whopping amount of
Rs 30 crore

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