9 Weirdest Pets That Have Lived in The White House

Sep 13, 2023, 05:35 PM IST

9 Weirdest Pets That Have Lived in The White House

Trisha Pathak


Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. He and his family nursed a little badger named Josiah with a bottle and allowed him to run wild in the White House. Roosevelt also owned a hyena and a black bear. 


President Calvin Coolidge, who assumed office in 1923, housed a bobcat, a donkey named Ebenezer, two raccoons, lion cubs, a wallaby, and a hippo named Billy. 


President Calvin Cooligde’s wife, Grace, had a raccoon named Rebecca. 


John Quincy, the sixth President of the United States, owned an alligator, which he reportedly kept in a bathroom in the East Room and occasionally used to scare guests. Herbert Hoover later continued the trend.


Former US President William Taft had a cow named Pauline, who used to produce milk for him and grazed the White House’s green pastures.

Wily Goat

Benjamin Harrison had a goat named Old Whiskers for his grandchildren to play with. The wily goat was a troublemaker. Once, he escaped the White House, forcing the President to run after him.


Benjamin Harrison also had two opossums. He named them Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection.

Ram (Bighorn Sheep)

Woodrow Wilson bought a flock of sheep during the World War I. Among them was a ram or bighorn sheep named Old Ike. He was a grizzly old fellow who chewed tobacco.

Siamese Cat

Rutherford Hayes, the 19th US President, was the first American to bring the feline breed to the States, which were considered evil in the 1800s.