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9 tips to make your perfume last longer

Dry skin doesn’t absorb and hold fragrance the same way that softened up skin does


Common pulse points to spray the perfume on are: the wrists, the clavicles, behind the knees and right behind your ears

Spray it only on pulse points

For eg; an eau de toilette lasts about 3-4 hours, while an eau de parfum is stronger and can last up to 6-7 hours

Check your concentration

Spritz the perfume on your hair brush, let it settle and then run it through your hair

Brush it through your hair

Rubbing of the wrists together breaks down the chemicals in the scent, hence accelerating the process of it breaking down and losing its fragrance

Don’t rub your wrists together

Start with a heavier scent, and then spritz a lighter one that ties into the notes of the heavier one right after

Layer fragrances

It’s because perfume oils can be damaging to certain fabrics and scents last very little on them

Always spray your skin

Keep your scents in their original boxes, and in a cool dark place to preserve their strength

Store your perfume smartly

Bathing opens up your pores, making your skin the most perfect receptacle for a scent

Apply right after a shower

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