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8 toxic phrases that can ruin relations

No one likes to be made to feel inferior; as if they’ve hit the jackpot and managed to get somebody who is way out of their league

“You don’t deserve me”

Instead, you can say that while
you’re upset, you need some time to
be ready to talk about it

“Everything is fine”

If you’re feeling frustrated at your partner, you can tell them that you didn’t like the way they reacted or handled the situation at hand

“You’re pathetic”

Tell them that you need some space from them at that moment so you don’t end up saying something you’ll regret later

“I hate you”

You can tell them gently that you think they might be getting triggered because of a certain insecurity and that you’re there to help them through it

“You’re a bad daughter/brother/parent/

You can express why you think your partner’s statement doesn’t add up and that you both should break it down in the most constructive way

“You’re being crazy”

You can gently ask your partner for some space — some quality me time — to centre yourself

“You’re so needy”

Invite your partner to have a real conversation about the relationship; maybe even do a relationship check-in to see where the both of you are at, emotionally and otherwise

“I’m over this”

Now, know what modern singles want in relationships