[ad_1] 8 benefits of having gur or jaggery in winters

Nov 16, 2023

8 benefits of having gur or jaggery in winters

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Heals fever

Jaggery has been used as an active ingredient in several Ayurvedic medicines and remedies, including the healing of fever.

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Purifies blood

Jaggery is naturally loaded with iron, folate and other essential ingredients that help in purification of blood.

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Heats up body

Ayurveda claims that jaggery has a hot potency, or Taseer, which means that the body produces heat when it undergoes metabolism.

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Boosts immunity

Jaggery's vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants support immunity and strength development, which helps fend off a number of common illnesses.

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Prevents consipation

It helps relieve constipation by encouraging the body's bowel movements.

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Fights joint pain

The anti-inflammatory qualities of jaggery aid in the relief of pain. Regularly consuming ginger, ghee, and jaggery may improve bone health and ease joint pain.

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Gives energy

In winter, gur provides your body with the much-needed energy boost because it's full of nutritious carbohydrates.

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Cleanses body

Winter weather causes stomachaches, congestion, and cold coughs. Regularly consuming a moderate amount of jaggery can aid in respiratory tract purification and cleansing.

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