7 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Nov 14, 2023, 03:44 PM IST

7 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Sneha Swaminathan

White Nails

The presence of predominantly white nails with darker edges may suggest liver issues, such as hepatitis.

Yellow Nails

A prevalent reason for yellow nails is a fungal infection, where the nail bed may recede, and the nails can become thicker and brittle as the infection progresses. In exceptional instances, yellow nails may signal more severe conditions like advanced thyroid disease, lung disorders, diabetes, or psoriasis.

Pale Nails

Pale white nails, also known as leukonychia, describes fingernails that are partially or completely white in color. The white color could be the result of several things such as trauma, anemia, dietary deficiencies, heart or kidney disease, or even poisoning.

Blue-ish Nails

A bluish tint on nails may suggest insufficient oxygen supply to the body, potentially indicating lung issues like emphysema. Certain heart problems may also be linked to nails displaying a bluish hue.

Rippled Nails

Rippling or pitting on the nail surface could indicate an early indication of conditions such as psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. It's common for the nail to exhibit discoloration, with the skin beneath appearing reddish-brown.

Brittle Nails

Thyroid disease has been associated with dry, brittle nails that are prone to cracking or splitting. When cracking or splitting is accompanied by a yellowish tint, it is more likely attributed to a fungal infection.

Dark Lines Beneath the Nail

The discoloration of nails, known as melanonychia, results from the presence of the pigment melanin. Various potential causes include skin cancer, infection, or injury.