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7 signs you
suffer from low self-esteem

Low self esteem is one of those tricky personality traits that aren't always as glaringly obvious as one might imagine. Tap to check 7 signs of low self esteem

You’re very critical of yourself

If you have the tendency to believe that you constantly make bad choices, or do things the wrong way this could be from the place of thinking very little of yourself

You’re quick to blame yourself

This could come from being raised in environments where you were held responsible for bad outcomes that
you didn’t control

You feel like you have very little control

Everything in your life seems outside
your control because you look at yourself
as someone with very little ability to
impact change

You say ‘I’m sorry’ a lot

If you feel terrified at the idea of causing inconvenience, it likely comes from a place where you believe you are more trouble than you’re worth

You feel unworthy of good experiences

When good things happen, you feel like it's surreal–almost like they shouldn’t be. Because you don’t consider yourself worthy of love, attention or goodness

You’re riddled with

When you find that that sense of doubt tends to dominate the thoughts you have and the decisions you take, it's likely that you suffer from low self esteem

You have trouble asking for what you need

If you always find yourself second-guessing your own needs when the need to ask for yourself arises, you most likely have low self-esteem

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