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7 signs you are
being gaslighted

You’re constantly discredited

A gaslighter will talk about you like they’re worried about you to your friends and family, using the veil of concern to spread false information through gossip

You find your feelings
being minimised

When the person is continually dismissive of something you ask about without addressing it to make you feel better, that’s a sure-shot red flag

You’re being lied to

A gaslighter will repaint the facts that you know to be true in a different light in order to convince you that what you think isn’t actually true

They make it your fault

Nothing solves a problem for a gaslighter–and strengthens their hold over you–like making you feel that it’s all your fault

You find yourself
constantly apologising

Since you believe pretty much everything that goes wrong is your fault, you then feel compelled to make apologies for yourself

Everything feels like
dodging landmines

It’s incredibly hard to feel like you can be yourself & be comfortable in who you are & what you feel around a gaslighter because you’re always prioritising them

They call you crazy

A gaslighter will call your reactions out of proportion, discredit your recollection of things, will make you feel embarrassed for questioning something that you feel strongly about

If you feel this happening to you,
it’s the last nail in the coffin–and time to take action

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