[ad_1] 7 shocking predictions from Baba Vanga for 2024

7 shocking predictions from Baba Vanga for 2024

Nov 11, 2023

By: ET Online

Putin's threat

Baba Vanga has envisioned that a fellow citizen will attempt to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin in the upcoming year.

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Biological weapons

Along with her warnings about an increase in terrorist attacks in Europe, she hinted that next year a "big country" would either test biological weapons or launch an assault.

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Terrifying weather events

She also predicted that horrible weather events and natural disasters would occur in the upcoming year.

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Economic crisis

Baba predicted that the world economy would be affected by a severe economic crisis in 2019. This will be caused by elements including growing debt levels and intensifying geopolitical conflicts.

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Cyber attacks

The mystic predicted an increase in cyberattacks. Hackers with advanced skills will target vital infrastructure, such as water treatment facilities and electricity grids, endangering national security.

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New treatments

In 2024, according to Baba, there will be novel treatments for terminal illnesses including cancer and Alzheimer's.

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Major breakthrough

She also forecasted a significant advancement in quantum computing, as per reports.

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Who is Baba Vanga?

A blind Bulgarian mystic, Baba Vanga's predictions are said to have come true long after her death. She has now become popular among many.

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