7 Rarest Animals on Earth 

Nov 14, 2023, 11:57 PM IST

7 Rarest Animals on Earth 

Moohita Kaur Garg


Vaquita is a porpoise species that only lives in the extreme northwestern corner of the Gulf of California in Mexico. In 1997, there were 567 members of the species. Today, less than 20 are left. As per A-Z Animals, they may go extinct by the end of this decade.

   Java Rhinoceros

The Indonesian rhino exists only within one nature preserve on the island of Java. Currently, the mature adult population that can breed is only 18.

Red Wolf 

The species that is found in US, went extinct in wild in 1980, and was reintroduced into the Eastern North Carolina by the US government in 1987. 

Gobi Bear 

A subspecies of brown bear, it only exists in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. There are less than 40 mature adults remaining in the wild.


A close relative of cattle, it closely resembles a deer. Sometimes called the Asian unicorn, due to its low number, the animal was discovered very recently in 1992, in Vietnam’s evergreen forests. As per estimates, there are around 25 to 750 mature adults of the species in the wild, and none in captivity..


An antelope that previously was common in deserts of Africa. Today, it is only found in the Termit Tin Toumma region of Niger. Only 30-90 exist in the wild, however, thousands can be found in captivity around the globe. 

Amur Leopard

Found in Amur region of Russia and China, it was almost driven to extinction some years ago. In 2003, only 14 adults of the species were left. Today there are 84.